Crown Canyon



The Quartz rivals the Amethyst in its setting and is situated in a unique valley that provides an opportunity to create a masterpiece of design rivaling the renowned Falling Waters Home.


The Quartz Residence could bridge the dry canyon wash which will run rampant in the downpour of a monsoon and provide peace in the sunshine and soft rain. Ocotillo grown in abundance are on the west side of the Homesite in a stand which is as significant an example of natural Sonoran Desert flora as is found anywhere in the Southwest. The owner of the Quartz Residence will also be the owner of the most significant quartz vein visible
anywhere in the community.


The valley above the Residence is an ideal site to locate an observational gazebo for meditation, a glass of wine, or a night beneath a blanket with the one you love, creating a romantic setting not available to flatlanders.


lot size • 2.25 acres (97,868 sq. ft.)
building height • 30 ft. (2 story)
allowed disturbance • 35% of lot size
conceptual building envelope • 31,550 sq. ft.


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Our vision is to create an architectural symphony where each home adds to the natural beauty of this stunning canyon. Contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance to you!