The opportunity for the Topaz Residence to be wrapped around the most available of rock outcroppings on the site gives the owner and architect a unique opportunity to make a communal statement with the home design; a home created to be a part of the significance of the outcropping and the strength of the foundation from which to begin each day with a sense of confidence.

The morning sun will rise and provide a moving wave of shadows on the west side of the army of saguaro, magnifying the appearance of the already generous quantity of stunning Sonoran specimens. A conversation with the one you love while sipping brandy and admiring the rich, changing colors of the sunset will allow you to retire in peace for another day.

lot size • 2.01 acres 87,435 sq. ft.
building height • 30 ft. / 2 story
allowed disturbance • 35% of lot size
conceptual building envelope • 19,332 sq. ft.


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